Another clock project with 1, 2” matrix display.

In times where you always have a clock on your wrist, be it a watch on your wrist or a smartphone, the Arduino Uno/Nano is a bit dull. You otherwise have NTP server synchronized devices in this article outside, which are constantly online via your Internet connection.

One of my friends refused for personal reasons a device with WiFi connection in his bedroom and so I have the Arduino equipped with a separate clock.

Choose the right product
I was surprised how many different products even Adafruit had available: depending on the desired tension, as well as with different precision! Here I decided for two products: the cheaper DS1307 and the probably more precise DS3231.

To be clear: both products can be used in this clock. To use the DS1307, pay attention to the correct PIN assignment and the restriction to the temperature display option: remark “//” the displayTemp(); function within the loop().”


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