Kindle WiFi Remote Footswitch

My brother is playing several instruments and has many of his song lyrics and chords saved on his Kindle. It is a very convenient way to have your sheet music ready for live performances with one major downside, you cannot flip pages while your playing an instrument. Since my brother knows I love to build electronic stuff he came up with the task for me to build him a footswitch that he can use to flip pages on his kindle.
While this project is mainly targeted at musicians it could also be useful for disabled people who cannot flip pages by hand. Also there are apparently man people who think it is just inconvenient to flip pages using the touchscreen, e.g., when reading in bed. My remote is of course not limited to footswitches but any button could be integrated into the design.
While researching the internet it was not surprising that many people already thought a remote for flipping pages would be a good idea and some have come up with good solutions. This instructable by chigozie uses a webserver to flip pages on an older kindle model (without touchscreen) from any device that is connected to the same WiFi (e.g. your phone). Building upon this Marcin Barabasz created a custom remote control using an ESP8266 equipped with two buttons. The is also KindleLazy which is a custom app that allows you to control your Kindle using a wireless presenter. Finally, this guy chose the mechanical solution and created a device which can be attached to the the side of your kindle and taps the screen with a mechanical arm rotated by a servo.”


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