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Automatic IoT Eggs Incubator

Observe automatic eggs incubation from any location.

Eggs Incubation is an interesting topic among the arduino enthusiastic. Basically, it is similar to the type of incubator which can be used as a substitute of poultry chicken to incubate the chicken eggs automatically. It will be helpful for the farmers to incubate the eggs automatically without the need of human intervention, by keeping the physical quantities such as temperature and humidity at required level, so that the fetuses inside them will grow and incubates without the presence of mother.

Furthermore, egg incubator will not only improve the poultry production considerably but will also help in the regularity of income making, enabling the farmers to be able to get transition into possible rural entrepreneurship.

With the help of Remote Control Panel we can monitor and control the incubator processing from remote location, Because of which this IoT incubator can achieve more success in hatching ratio.

I inspired from my own previous successful project done with free account of 7 days, which offered by CavyIoT service. Now I have premium account, which I got for a very less amount for the facilities they give us as compared to the other services. You can also try this project with free account (but it is limited for 7 days). The procedure of registration to get free account is explained in my previous project. (

This project uses a CavyIoT platform as a service. The library CavyIoT.h is available at for download. Tutorials link which was found very useful for this project, is on the home page of site

This project is explained below, covering the full details about,

Circuit arrangement.
Customization of CavyIoT’s Remote Control Panel.
Arduino code.”

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