Set the feeding time and feed your birds without considering the time by using a DS3231 module. Display date, time and temperature as well.

I am keeping quails at my balcony but it, sometimes, was getting hard to feed them every day at the same time for conditioning them to lay eggs at the same time every morning and also it is a healthier way to increase egg production by changing the laying circle and the hatching process.For solving this problem, I made a bird feeder using a DS3231 module to get date, time and temperature variables properly. It displays four different screens to manage controls – the home screen, the feeding time set screen, the remaining time get screen and the status check screen – explained below. To give movement and rotation angle to the feeding system, I used a mini pan tilt with two mini servo motors(SG-90) and an external power supply to power them. After all these steps, I attached a cut in half Pringles cup containing quail food.”


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