DIY Bone Conduction Bike Helmet

In this instructable, I explain how I have transformed my bike helmet to incorporate a bone conduction device in order to listen to music in a safe way while riding my bike. I have spent a lot of time on this project and it is fully functional, but it is not completely optimized (see conclusion), therefore I consider that this is a prototype. So I will probably write other Instructables for the next versions of this bone conduction bike helmet.

About this project:To go to work I have to ride my bike for about 40 minutes. Twice a day, so 1 hour and 20 minutes. This is a quite long trip, and being able to listen to some music would be perfect. But I live in Marseille, the most crowded city in France, and riding a bike with a headphone is illegal, and extremely dangerous because you are not aware of the environment.

So I have decided to transform my bike helmet and add a bone conduction device to listen to some music in the background while riding my bike to go to work.
Below is a footage of me riding my bike in Marseille, facing the traffic jam while going to work…

This gif I made is extracted from the French movie “Taxi 3”. This scene actually takes place in Marseille’s streets, that I am used to take by bike. But this is not me in the video…
Challenges:For this project I had many challenges:
Make a bike helmet displaying music, in a safe way for riding my bike (=bone conduction). Make it quite simple, and easy to command. Being able to use my sunglasses with the helmet (most bone conduction devices are placed on top of the ears, which is not very practical if you wear glasses). Easy to assemble/disassemble.”


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