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WiFi weather station with sending data on line and graphical rendering of them.

This little Weather Station is developed assembling necessary components (bought separately) ed it’s programmed to gather data related to temperature and humidity from a specific sensor DHT22.

1) Modulo WIFI AZDelivery D1 mini con NodeMCU ESP8266/ESP8266-12E/ESP12

2) Modulo LCD AZDelivery OLED Display 128 x 64 Pixel 0,96 pollice

3) Button A, showing additional information

4) Button B, sending immediately data on line

5) Potentiometer

6) Modulo AZDelivery Real Time Clock RTC DS3231 I2C

7) Power supply

Periodically, after a defined interval time, the Weather Station is connecting to home network via WiFi and the data related to Umidity and Temperature are sent online and stored remotely into a MySql database.

The OLED Display is showing the values for temperature/humidity and the set interval time to upload data. Also date and time are displayed, get from real time clock RTC.

Pressing Button A the display is showing other information (i.e. IP number os statioon)

Pressing Button B the data for temperature/humidity are immediately sent and stored on line.

The potentiometer is used to set the interval for automatically upload (it’s possible to set between 1 and 60 minutes)”

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