Sooooo Many leak detectors to choose from, which one will work best for you? If you have Samsung SmartThings controlling any devices in your home, then this one might just be the ticket!
This is the final version in a series that I’ve been building around the ESP8266/ESP-01 controller powered by Arduino. We all know that the more mature siblings of the ESP-01 like the NodeMCU ESP12’s, etc…are much easier to work with, but this was a mission to show off the power of the little ESP-01 which I am still very fond of. It was my first ESP8266!!
To see the previous versions in this little ‘Leak Detector How-To’ series, please take a look at the Instructables below. There is something for everyone!
ESP8266/ESP-01 Arduino Powered Leak Detector - No Wi-Fi Basic Local Alarm
ESP8266/ESP-01 Arduino Powered MQTT Leak Detector & Remote Alarm Receiver
If the steps contained within this Instructable look familiar, it is because they are similar to some of the steps in the Instructables above, as well as the one for ESP8266/Arduino SmartThings Relay for Christmas Lights.”


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