In this instructable i’ll show you how to build a very inexpensive wireless switch for Phillips Hue Lights.
The problem:
These lights needs permanent power supply, wall switches have to be always on.
If you go to bed and turn off the wall switch the light will never shine again if the hue bridge try to switch on the light, for example in the morning to wake up you softly with a “warm light”.
You have to buy the Hue Tap or dimmer switches, which are very expensive, especially if you need one for each room.
The solution is the using of an ESP8266. These tiny controllers with inbuild usb adapter are available for less than 3$. For the power supply you only need 2 pcs. AAA battery, by using the DeepSleep modus of the Esp8266 the battery work for a long time.
Everytime you press the reset button the ESP wake up, connect with your WLAN, get the status of the lamp, if it is on it switches off or vice versa, after this command it falls into deep sleep.”


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