Some time ago I bought some Electric Tea Lights that are charged using a wireless charger. This charger has a power LED that shows when the Lights are charged. After 10 hours of charging the charges switches off. It seemed, however, that there is an issue with the charger since the power LED that shows if the charger is active is always on, albeit a bit brighter when it is charging but this is hardly visible. In fact, you can hardly see if the power LED is on at all. I mentioned it to the manufacturer and I received a new charger but it has exactly the same problem
So I wanted to create something that shows if the charger is active when I need to charge my new Tea Lights. Of course I could try to replace the LED in the charger but I did not want to open it because of warranty issues. I had some older Tea Lights that no longer worked due to the battery being too old and my idea was use such a Tea Light to show that the charger is active by putting this Tea Light in one of the locations where the Teal Lights are charged.
I could have made a simple on-off Light but since it is Tea Light which normally has a candle effect, I decided to give it a candle effect too. I used the housing and the coil of an old Tea Light and created a candle effect using a LED and a PIC microcontroller. Instead of a PIC you can of course use an Arduino.”


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