This post describes how two calliope minis can be used to create a wireless messenger using the built-in radio.
This project was created for the SAP Hybris Steam Kids program, a program dedicated to encourage digital literacy and to promote coding skills at school. We have chosen to use the Calliope Mini and provide a step-by step guide which is suitable for classroom use. Using two calliopes and one potentiometer, you can easily create your own little messenger. Of course it will require both calliope mini to be somewhat close to each other so the radios can transmit and receive, but it easily work over a few meters and definitely within the classroom. There are many ways to extend and change this project, so feel free to drop me a line via twitter (@hansamann) in case you do.
This project requires two calliope minis - one sender and one receiver. The sender will additionally require a potentiometer that attaches to the analog grove port (the right one) of the calliope mini. Using the potentiometer, you will be able to choose the characters out of the alphabet to add to your message.”


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