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Calliope mini

The Calliope mini is a single-board computer developed for educational usage at German primary schools. The goal of the initiative is to provide all pupils as of grade three of primary schools in Germany with a Calliope mini free of charge. Calliope mini was inspired by the BBC micro:bit, which was distributed to pupils of grade seven in Great Britain. The Calliope gemeinnützige GmbH is responsible for developing and maintaining the Calliope mini. The name "Calliope mini" is a reference to Kalliope, a daughter of Zeus and the muse who presides over eloquence, science and epic poetry.

A Calliope mini 3 clock with timer

“A simple clock with a countdown timer function implemented with the Calliope mini 3 and some Grove modules. A simple clock with a countdown timer function for the Calliope mini 3. I made this to experiment with the new Calliope …

Calliope Messenger

“This post describes how two calliope minis can be used to create a wireless messenger using the built-in radio. This project was created for the SAP Hybris Steam Kids program, a program dedicated to encourage digital literacy and to promote …