My business card is an ATtiny85 dev board the size of a credit card. Types out my contact info when a capacitive touch sensor is activated. Primarily designed to be used a Business Card/Resume/Portfolio, it is an ATtiny85 dev board in a credit card sized form factor. PCB files in Fritzing, so easy anyone can modify them for personal use. The demo app types out contact info when capacitive touch sensor is activated. This can be easily changed though as the micronucleus bootloader is used and the device can be programmed in the Arduino IDE as a Digispark. The main components on the board are all SMD to be low profile and easily slip into a wallet, but there are some optional through hole component upgrades the recipient can add as well as a prototyping area and all the ATtiny85 pins are broke out. Its not just something to look at and throw away, its a usable dev board for the recipient of your Business Card, it can basically be used like an Arduino™. Also would be great to hand out to potential employers as a supplement to your resume. “


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