Make an Arduino Memory Game

A tutorial for beginners for making a memory game with an arduino and leds
Do you remember the game “Simon”? A lot of people my age (born in the 70s) got to lose a lot of time playing it. The game was simple, it had 4 buttons of different colors that would light up in sequence and you had to repeat the sequence. Every time, you got it right, the game would give you the sequence again with an additional color at the end.
I got one for Xmas long long ago but then I moved and moved, and moved some more so the game got lost in one of the many boxes that never get unpacked from a move to another…
As an “adult”, I discovered the joys of Arduino and with that, got the opportunity to revive my long lost time wasting friend.
This tutorial will show you how to make a similar game using an Arduino Uno a few LEDs and resistors and a relatively simple circuit.
The program itself may be a little complicated for a beginner so I tried to explain in the code what it does and how.
The simplest way to get this game running is this.
1) Connect the circuit exactly as shown on the diagram. The color of the wires is not relevant so if you run out of black wires, it’s ok. :)
2) Paste the source code into your favorite Arduino editor and upload it to the board
3) Play the game
The game starts after about 3 seconds with 5 slow flashes of all the LEDs.”


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