3D Printed Open Source Multi Material Cutter&Pelletizer : SHRED-Buddy3D

3D Printed Open Source SHRED-Buddy3D UPcycler turns leftover filament bits, bottles & fishing line into pellets for 3D printing. Designed by Venture-Bit. Do you own a 3D printer like most Maker and DIY’ler? almost run out of filament? … Again? What to do with the last few meters? well… Make Pellets/Granules of it and use these to create new Filament with a Filament Extruder or an DIY Pellet extruder. Now You Can Easilyand securely Cut and Shred all your leftover Plastics: such as cable ties, plastic bottles, leftover 3D printer material, fishing line and much more.”


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