DIY Arduino Thief Cam

Have you ever wondered about what was happening when your were at work? What your pets were doing, or even if you were getting robbed? But, you do not went to spend hundreds of dollars on surveillance systems. Well, if you follow my instructions and purchase a few materials… YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN, FULLY FUNCTIONING THIEF CAM FOR ONLY $40! Hi my name is Zack. I am a 12 year old tech builder. Since I was little, I have always had a love for inventing. When I was 11 I discovered the website Instructables. From then on I have learned so much. I would like to give a big thanks to Instructables for all of the people they have helped including me. THANK YOU!!! Anyway, this is my first Instructable! Ya! In this project I will be creating a DIY Arduino Thief Cam. Besides for utility purposes, it can also be used for spying on people. Hee hee. Wait, did I say that out loud..?”


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