Simple Thermostat using Arduino

The objective of this project is to create a thermostat that measures the temperature of a light bulb while using two threshold temperatures (tL being a low threshold variable and tH being a high threshold variable), that will cause the light bulb to fluctuate between tL and tH. If the temperature of the light bulb is below tH it will remain on until its temperature exceeds the tH value. Once the tH temperature is reached or exceeded the light bulb will turn off until its temperature is equal to or less than the tL threshold value. Before starting this project I honestly had barely touched an Arduino. I was very intimidated by the idea of working with circuitry, and electronics in general. This project really pushed me to learn about a lot of different electronic components (I had never heard of a MOFSET before!), and to learn how to write my own code and personalize this! I am so glad that I got the chance to explore just one of the possibilities that Arduino can offer!”


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