Build a Dual Thermostat for Precise Preset Temperatures

It’s not a complicated concept. It’s not even terribly difficult to implement. It’s just that I really don’t understand why no one produces a product like this I have a heated shop and a heated garage. I also live in a fairly cold climate. I don’t want to keep my garage or shop up to working temperature if I’m not actively working, but I do want to keep them at some reasonable temperature (above freezing) in the winter. I’d like to keep these areas at something like 50-55°F when unoccupied, and then heating them to 68-70°F when I’m working. I have been doing this by using standard mechanical thermostats and the process of sliding the setpoint back and forth is somewhat imprecise. If only someone made a dual setpoint thermostat I tried to find one on several occasions, but had no luck. Sure, they make smart thermostats that know when you’re physically in the space, thermostats that connect to your WiFi, thermostats that learn your habits, but nothing as simple as a thermostat with two set points. It looked like if someone was going to make a dual setpoint thermostat, that someone was going to have to be me.”


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