Arudino Harpsi-Gourd

Build your own Harpsi-Gourd to play just like Lurch of the Addams Family, trading the over-rated touch sensitive banana for the season appropriate Pumpkins, that generate musical notes. This Harpsi-Gourd was built to be exhibited at our local “How-to Halloween” expo. The size of the actual panel was designed to fit onto a piano’s keyboard with the lid closed. The Music Shield used has a built in audio amplifier which eliminates the need for external amplifier. The provided Arduino sketch plays assigned MIDI notes for each Pumpkin. When left idle for greater than 60 seconds the sketch will begin to pluck off random notes at random intervals. When the keyboard is left idle for only 5 seconds the MIDI processor is changed between the 127 different instruments. This allows a Maestro to play continuously on the same instrument, uninterrupted. but still allows for the diversity of the music shield to be experienced. Additionally, if a key is continuously depressed it will randomly change the color of that LED.”


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