This is a project that takes in a continuous analog signal usually music and uses it to light a 7 band led visualizer. It uses the MSGEQ7 chip to analyze the music signal to get the frequency magnitudes and maps it to the led strips. The Led strips used are the SK6812 also known as WS2811 or Adafruit Neopixel.
Equipment used:
1.) MSGEQ7
2.) 3.5 mm Female aux jack
3.) 2x 22k Ohm Resistors
4.) 0.01 microFarad Capacitor
5.) 2x 0.1 microFarad Capacitors
6.) 200 kiloOhm Resistor
7.) 33 picoFarad Capacitor
8.) Arduino Uno
9.) SK6812 RGB led strip/ WS2811 RGB led strip/ Any Adafruit Neopixel Strip”


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