TinyANN, Artificial Neural Network meets ATTINY

Welcome to my first instructable. It is a long time I follow this excellent site. I learn a lot from this community and I wish to return back the favor by publishing my own contribution. I do apologize for the English as it is not my native language. Remarks are highly appreciated. Since I discovered Intructables.com, I began to play with Arduino and robotic. From my educational background, I have some knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. So I thought it would be nice to put them together. Little by little, the idea to build a robot, based on some ATTINY processor and programmed using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN), began to blossom in my mind. I settled for an Avoiding Collision Turtle robot powered by a Fixed ANN. Later on, I will add a self-learning module using a Raspberry-Pi to train the ANN implemented here (Perhaps a next instructable?). Have a look at the video to watch this robot in action.”


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