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I created a portable prototyping kit!

For less than a year, I have been studying IoT at a university located half a thousand kilometers from my home, or rather from my parents’ home. From the moment I moved to the dormitory, my life is constantly traveling: in the morning I travel to school, after school to bed. Sometimes I also come home to get the jars. Before I left for college, I had my workstation in my room, but after leaving, I found it needed to be mobile so I could use it anywhere.

At first, I thought I’d make a sketch of my idea for this device, but my artistic skills quickly knocked the idea out of my head. 3D - this is definitely a better idea.

After an hour of work, a provisional representation of my idea was created, which consists of parts for prototyping and parts for parts… prototyping parts.

In the upper area, there will be breadboards with microcontrollers, a soldering stand, a soldering iron, basic tools, and a control panel.

On the other hand, at the bottom of the box, there will be modules, tools, connection cables, and the rest of the components. Of course, the LEDs shedding light on the link to the free surprise from Altium and giving hope that the projects created in the box will be finished. It’s just a prototype, everything can still change.

There is no need to waste any time - I thought wasting my time and ordered an aluminum suitcase and the items I needed.”

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