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Easy way to control Adobe Photoshop using Arduino HID Functionality - Make it easier for you to edit images in photoshop!

Making a DIY Photoshop Editing Console
What if there was something that we could use to quickly change or swap between the tools in Adobe Photoshop with just one button push? Or, say you’re editing video clips and want more control over your brush size – what then. You all know what photoshop is right? It’s software used for digital image manipulation! There are lots of options within it which give us greater flexibility when working on our projects.

One way I like doing this though is by using keyboard shortcuts instead since they make accessing different functions easier than clicking through menus every time. Keyboard shortcuts are a common and effective way of saving time when working on your computer. When you use the right combinations, they can be even more efficient than using different tools because some functions might already exist in shortcut form instead!

What is HID?
This can be used as an input device for keyboards or mice, and by pressing certain key combinations it enables different tools. We will make use of this functionality in our project where we want to swap between multiple programs with just one button press!

The Circuit – DIY Photo Editing Console
Technology is all around us, and the world of electronics has come to be an integral part. I was never one for playing with wires as a child; instead, my creativity would go towards building things out of Legos or painting pictures on paper bags! But now that I’m grown up…well let me just say it’s time for some serious science-y goodness (ha)!”

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