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Building a Portable Bluetooth Spinning Record Player

Hello fellow makers,
In this Instructable I would like to show you a prototype for a portable record player that I’m busy designing. The idea is to have a small easily transportable record player where the record remains stationary and the player spins, the music is then transmitted to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones via the built in Bluetooth transmitter.
For now it is in it’s most basic form as I just wanted to test the concept but moving forward I want to keep this an open source project that people can make and alter to their needs.
It is for now very much still a work in progress as I try and perfect it, but I would love if the Instructable community joins me on this journey.
In its current state the drive system along with the Bluetooth transmitting is working flawlessly I just need to perfect the tonearm design without sacrificing portability.
Join me on the journey I’ve taken so far…

To make your own you will need the following:

- Access to a 3D printer
- 5V DC motor with worm gearbox
- Ceramic record player cartridge
- USB Bluetooth audio transmitter
- Arduino Nano or smaller
- H-Bridge motor driver
- *Arduino and motor driver can be replaced by a PWM motor speed controller.
- 14500 Lithium ion battery or a small LIPO battery
- 3.7v to 5v step up module
- TTP223 Touch module
- 1A NPN Transistor
- 1K Resistor
- 4mm OD 2mm ID Teflon tube (3D printer filament guide tube)
- 3.5mm to 3.5mm AUX cable (There should be one included with the transmitter)
- 2X 624 bearings
- 2X 682 bearings (teflon tube can also be used here)”

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