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Ultimate Kids Musicbox ESP32 Based

There are already some NFC jukeboxes.
Off the shelf like those “Toni” boxes. For do-it-yourself: lots of instructables.
This device should cover as much as possible, which could come into question sometime and somehow.
It should have as few weak points as possible, (in which a 3-year-old could put things).
Easy to use, easy to maintain and hard to destroy.
And there I came across a project that uses an ESP32 as a base.
In addition a NFC reader, a small amplifier … stuff.
And all in a very sturdy box made of wood.
No openings, foolproof.
NFC, WLAN, FTP, BT … hellyeah :)
How loud at start, how bright, when go to sleep??? … everything in one webinterface.”

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