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Sababox - Elderly Friendly Remote Control

The world’s population is getting older. Studies show that companies will have to adjust their products and marketing channels for older crowds.

A well known problem is for elderly people to be able to enjoy their TV as they are not confident with their ability to get to the desired content, and also concern of “breaking it”, taking the TV out of order until someone will fix it for them.

Many of those concerns are caused by our standard remote controls which contains over 30 different buttons over very small space even though most of us barely use more than 5. Our remote changes how we think of remotes from a tiny, light device with a noisy interface- To an accessible, clean interface that is designated for elderly users.

Bigger buttons, with the vital minimum number of them should provide friendly interface for the users.

Receiver Unit
For the Receiver unit (you’ll need only one even if you are making many remotes):

1 Arduino nano ATmega 328 old bootloader
1 IR receiver module
1 Breadboard (or however you are working on your stuff)

1 Led bulb as an indication for signals
1 Resistor for the LED.”

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