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It’s really difficult to read in dark environments, so I made a pair of glasses with Neopixel RGB lights and a photoresistor so you never have to worry about lighting again!

These glasses use a 3D printed frame designed through Tinkercad and uses a photoresistor to create dynamic lighting depending on how dark it is.

The RGB Glass also has different functions like rainbow mode and morse code mode. You can also add-on different functions yourself!


- 2 Adafruit NeoPixel Ring 24x RGB Lights
- 1 Photoresistor
- 1 10k ohm resistor
- 1 Lily Pad Arduino
- 1 Rechargeable 3.7V battery with JST connector
- Jumper cable kit
- 2 M4*10 Screws


- Soldering Iron with Solder
- 3D Printer
- Standard Screw Driver
- Hot Glue Gun”

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