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Making an Alarm Clock That Asks Questions Randomly

Do you usually have trouble getting up? Set more than a dozen alarm clocks in the morning, but still can’t wake up and turn them off in a daze. When you waking up and find out that you are late, and then you blame the alarm clock for not making any noise. In order to help me better complete my 996 workdays, a simple small alarm clock is specially made - an alarm clock that will randomly ask questions. Its unpleasant cry makes you sleepless; in addition, during the answering process, you must concentrate on listening to the question, otherwise, you will not be able to judge whether it is asking how many is one plus one or How many words in the question of how many is one plus one It is a home essential product, the initiator who forced you to the peak of life.

- Arduino UNO ×1
- IO Expansion Board ×1
- Speech Recognition ×1
- Speech Synthesis Module ×1
- DS3231M MEMS Precise RTC ×1
- 7.4V Lipo 2500mAh Battery ×1
- Digital Push Button (White) ×1
- 8-Digital LED Segment Display Module ×1
- I2C HUB ×1
- Stereo Enclosed Speaker - 3W 8Ω”

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