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This is an alarm clock that is running on Raspberry Pi Pico and is displaying on a TM1637 7-segment display. In this project I try to stay close to the hardware and implement what I can from scratch. For example, I wrote my own library for the display and I use real hardware interrupts for button clicks and time based events.

- Raspberry Pi Pico
- TM1637 7-segment display
- Passive buzzer
- 3 Buttons
- Led (I used a yellow one)
- 4 Resistors: 3 for button debouncing (1k) and 1 for the LED (2k). Exact sizes are not important and might vary depending on the buttons and LED.
- 3 Ceramic capacitors (100 nF) for button debouncing.
- A micro USB power cable and 5V power supply.”

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