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A rebuild of the Space Impact Rocket Game by Mohd Sohail. New hardware, 3D printed case, improved software, battery or externally powered.

This project is a rebuild of Space Impact LCD game by mohammadsohail0008. I really liked the concept. This seemed like a great project to upgrade with a PCB and a 3D printed case. I also changed the circuit to use a smaller microprocessor, replaced the joystick with a X pad and updated the software to make the game more responsive.

The circuit is designed around a ATtiny1614 microprocessor. This 14pin device has 16K Flash memory and 2K Static memory which is more than enough for this game. Unlike the ATmega328 microprocessor, the ATtiny1614 can run with a 1MHz clock. This means it uses at lot less power while it is running and while it is in sleep mode thus allowing the battery to last longer.”

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