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Here is a scenario:
- You live in an apartment and you have a small balcony, or you live in a house with no garden.
- You want to grow a lot of strawberries (or other veggies) on a very small place.
- You want a strawberry tower, but the sun will shine it only from one side and the rear half of the tower will grow badly.
- You are sad about that
In this Instructable you will find an answer to your problems :)
A solar rotating strawberry tower! Aka. Environmentally Friendly Vegan Kebab :)
It uses a small solar cell and a small DC motor to rotate the tower very slowly - 0.6 revolutions per minute to be precise. This way all the plants get equal amount of light.
In this Instructable I will explain step by step, on how I made this solar strawberry tower and I will provide you with all the necessary details for you to make your own.”

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