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DIY Arduino Wireless Motion Alarm System

Hello everybody hope you’re doing well,
in this instructable I’m going to show you how to make a wireless motion alarm system, this device consists of a transmitter and a receiver. So essentially it is a pretty simple and basic wireless motion alarm system with light indication.
Besides being fairly useful it is also a simple project that is great for folks that are just starting to tinker with electronics and microcontrollers because in its concept it is pretty basic and is made from parts that are not hard to find. I will also share with you some tips and tricks on how to do some troubleshooting if you decide to give this project a go yourself.

- Arduino nano boards 2x
- 433 MHz transmitter and receiver module
- PIR sensor
- Switches 2x
- 100-ohm resistor
- Some kind of a box (one for a receiver, and one for a transmitter)
- 9v battery connector 2x
- Tools Soldering iron as well as some solder, utility knife, pliers, wire cutters, drill.”

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