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Hey everyone What’s up!
So this is HEX Light

which is a DIY Studio Lighting Setup that consists of a total of 72 High Power Cree LEDs and they are powered by a 12V 5A SMPS. LEDs are driven by two separate LED Driver ICs and this whole setup cost less than 100$ to make which is still cheaper than other similar size studio light available in the market.

Also, huge thanks to PCBWay for Supporting this project, Check out PCBWay for getting great PCB Service at a relatively less cost.

Question, why did I make this huge studio light?

Well, the answer here is pretty simple, I required a proper lighting setup for my current maker setup and all I have were few LED Strips and a small studio lightbox that I recently made, they all were functional but not exactly great.

The main goal here was to increase the lighting setup by not spending much on commercially available lights and make my own version of this studio light with aluminum extrusion and 3D Printed Parts

These are the things that we need in our built

- LEDs JK3030 Cree
- 1.5 Ohms Resistance 1206 Package
- 0.47 Ohms Resistance 1206 Package
- 100uf Capacitor
- 63uH Indictor
- SS34 Diode SMA
- DC Barrel Jack
- Custom PCB (which was provided by PCBWAY)
- Custom 3D Printed body
- SIC9301A led driver IC
- Aluminum Square Pipe/Extrusion
- 12V SMPS Power Supply”

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