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In this project, i will show you how to make a simple & easy Vu Meter or Audio Meter using LM3915.

What is a VU meter circuit?

A VU meter is also an audio Visualizer that has a group of LEDs as dot or Bar display. VU meters are basically used with the Amplifiers and audio systems to analyze and display the audio spectrum. The LED dot or bar display lights up LEDs-high to low showing the level of the pitch with matching the pattern of bass going high or low. Here in this article, I am going to discuss a VU meter Circuit using the LM3915 IC.

LM3915 IC - 2 Nos
LED- Green - 10 Nos
LED-Yellow - 6Nos
LED-Red - 4Nos
47uF Capacitor - 2Nos
2.2k Resistor - 4Nos
100k Resistor - 2Nos
IN4007 Diode - 4 Nos
5 Pin Connector
Jumper 2 Pin - 2Nos”

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