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ZARDOS or, “Ze ARDuino Operating System”, is a modest operating system project
dedicated to Arduino compatible microcontrollers and using a Minitel terminal such as
Human Machine Interface.
The goal of this project is to create a real operating system, primitive but functional, which can evolve
over time and possibly be enriched by external contributors.
On this deliberately minimalist site, you will find Arduino libraries & programs
which will also allow you to run ZARDOS on your Minitel.

The basic principle is simple: The Arduino communicates with the Minitel via the serial link of the peri-computer cable.
In one direction it retrieves information from the keyboard, and in the other it sends its configuration commands
and screen display. All made possible thanks to the brilliant library written by Eric Serandour

The basic program runs on an Arduino MEGA, but it is possible to run a minimum version on UNO.
In addition, the ZARDOS system is designed to accommodate a “built-in” cartridge system, making it possible to add
additional functions and programs.
The videos show my prototype with additional “options”, but basically just one
Arduino, a Minitel type 1B (or 2) and a DIN-5 peri-computer cable to start.

To perform the basic assembly and connect your Minitel to the Arduino,
all you have to do is connect the Peri-computer socket on the Minitel side,
and Arduino side to strip the cable and connect the Tx wire to the Rx socket, the Rx wire to the Tx socket,
and the ground wire on the GND socket.

The ZARDOS system currently allows the connection of a PS2 mouse, an SD card reader.
(see readme.txt file accompanying the programs), a speaker and a Videotex printer
It is planned to add an Atari type controller and a second peri-computer socket to be able to
dialogue with another Minitel (or something else).”

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