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ZX Spectrum CPLD-based clone for rubber case

Another CPLD-based ZX Spectrum clone for 48K rubber case with some sweet features.

Tech specs
- Half-sized PCB for 48K rubber case, case modifications isn’t necessary
- Pentagon, Spectrum 128K and Spectrum 48K timings
- Altera EPM1270 CPLD
- Real Z80 in 3.5MHz, 7MHz (no-wait turbo) and 14MHz (turbo with wait-states) modes
- Switchable 128K / +3e-divmmc ROM
- 512K RAM
- Real AY-8910 with switchable stereo ABC/ACB/mono output
- Sega 6-button joystick input; Kempston/Sinclair modes
- Integrated DivMMC, 1x microSD socket
- PAL and RGB video out (Sega Mini-DIN/9 connector)
- Digital video out for EGA monitors
- ULAplus
- Mono covox (Pentagon standard)
- SounDrive (4-channel stereo covox)
- WiFi addon (link)
- Tape input via 3.5” jack and Bluetooth
- 9-12V power supply with any polarity
- Reset and Magic buttons; header for power button

With extension board (link) more features may be added:
- Turbo Sound FM
- General Sound (12MHz / 512Kb RAM)
- SAA1099
- MIDI sound”

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