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Tensegrity Planter

The topic of this Ible is a planter.
What is a planter, a container for a plant or small tree and the use in this instance it will be for a small plant.
However, its not to be any ordinary planter this one will make use of symmetry and tensegrity.
Tensegrity derived from tension and integrity, in that the integrity of the structure is derived from the balance of tension not compression
The planter will be formed from two identical 3D printed elements either of which can be used to display the plant but only one at a time simply by rotation.

3D Printer
Filament - PLA
Brass wire 0.4mm diameter.
M2.5/10mm screws - Qty 10
Sanding paper - various grades.
Wire Wool.
Needle file
Wire Cutters.
Clear 2 part epoxy Resin”

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