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Lane Tech HS - Stepper Motor Spinning Spool Project

I wanted to create a device that could spin spools of thread when I pressed a button so I could just cut the thread and continue sewing.

I am a person who avidly pursues art projects and crafts, and among my many endeavors is embroidery and sewing. It’s a bit cumbersome to look through a bin to find the color of thread I want at a given moment, so I decided to make a device that would let me easily get the thread I need.

The goal of this project was to make a device that would spin spools of thread with the push of button. Then I would be able to simply tug on whichever thread I want and cut the desired amount.

To achieve this, I use the particle argon, a stepper driver module, a stepper motor, my phone, and the Blynk IoT platform.”

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