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AT Tiny Techniques in a Macro IR Remote

This instructable describes some techniques used in an ATTiny project.

The project was to produce a simple macro remote control with a few buttons each of which can issue a series of IR remote controls to a variety of devices. The purpose was to allow controlling several devices with single button presses rather than have to remember and handle several different remote controllers. An example is to turn on a television, cable box and AV box.

To accomplish with an ATTiny required some methods which are described in some detail. These methods have been used in the past but this instructable goes into their implementation in a bit of detail.

The construction and operation of the full remote control are also covered. The functionality of this included

10 macro commands each containing a sequence of up to 20 device codes
Supports up to 32 different device codes
Supports NEC, rc5, 5c6 type encoding
variable delay between each code in a sequence
Macros and device codes stored in EEPROM
uart port for configuration and programming device codes and macros and for testing
Battery operated with low quiescent current for extended battery life
The particular techniques covered in detail are

Combined IR modulated code and UART handling with single timer interrupt
Multi button handling with limited I/O
Optimising quiescent current for extended battery life.
ATTiny pin allocation and fuse values”

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