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Realtime Heartrate Monitoring Using AVR-IoT and Firebase

Measure heartrate realtime and show the data to platform.

Brief: This page explains how to measure hearbeat realtime, and showing the result on Firebase platform. This project using minimal resource & effort to applied, and easier path to built. As always, this project is beginner friendly and easier to catch.

1. Hardware & Software Preparation
We need to prepare those mentioned hardware above, those are: AVR IoT WG, Hearbeat sensor MAX30100, and micro usb cable. We need aware that sensor MAX30100 is different from MAX30102, I have both of sensors and MAX30102 was not working well. Actually, it would be working well if we can attach 2 PWM pins for the IR and Red Led, which mean we need more coding and effort for these features. For instance, we can directly use heart rate sensor module from Mikro-e (Link) which has compatible Pins with our Dev board AVR IoT WG. Since it was not available in local store, we need to find the another version of heart rate board sensor, and soldered them on a PCB.Besides the hardware, we need also to collect the supporting software, that is AVR Studio. But now it is renamed to Microchip Studio. I used both of them, and found compiling error in Microchip Studio, which not happened in AVR Studio, so I compiled this Projects programs on AVR Studio, We can download the software on repository that provided by microchip. The last, do not forget to sign up for free subscription at google cloud, activate the payment method for your project.

2. Build The Project
Connect the AVR IoT WG using micro usb cable to PC, wait till pop-up appear. There are example how to measure the built up sensor (light and Temperature) in CLICKME.htm. On the page also mentioned how to connect our device to FIREBASE console and Google cloud. But first, we need to configure the board to be able to measure the newly attached sensor. To do this, we can do several way: Read the datasheet and implement the application note, Or using Atmel start library package. I’ve tried both of them, and choose to use atmel start, since founded errors during implementation using maxim library which will explained later.Go to atmel start page and browse example for AVR IoT. We need to put additional software component package.”

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