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Your First AWS Application for PIC-IoT and AVR-IoT

Learn how to send messages to and from Amazon Web Services using the PIC-IoT and AVR-IoT development boards from Microchip.

What if you could prototype your IoT hardware device and build your cloud application at the same time? Good news. My team and I spent months stumbling through an embedded-to-cloud journey. We fell into time traps and discovered pitfalls so that you don’t need to! We believe we have finally curated an ideal way to get you started developing your own applications.

View our complete guided journey on Github
In this project, you will get hands-on experience programming an embedded device (an AVR-IoT or PIC-IoT board) and building a cloud application using AWS and the MQTT pub/sub messaging protocol.

By the end of the tutorial, you’ll be able to view button press information from the dev board in the cloud. You will also have created an application where the dev board’s LEDs are configured to blink whenever the cloud receives information about button presses.

You can follow along using one or multiple dev boards. If you use two or more you will get a special treat – the cloud application will blink the LEDs on each connected dev board when a button is pressed on any of them. Maybe you can give one to a friend and use the blinking LEDs as a secret messaging system?”

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