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In past, we have published many brushed dc motor driver boards for various projects and usually, they have some sort of limitations, as some of them are large in size, require large size heatsink, doesn’t have current feedback, they don’t have overload protection, some require external large size current shunt resistor and after all, recently we have found the amazing DRV8874 chip from Texas instruments that has some amazing features and protections features. It has a small package and can handle high current without a heatsink. We quickly become fans of this chip, and after a few tests and experiments, we are sharing this open-source module. This chip can be used with PWM/DIR input, PWM input, and 2 x Half-Bridge for dual motor control. We have tested this project with PWM/DIR inputs, and all inputs and outputs of the chip are accessible using the header connector. Refer to the datasheet of DRV8874 to explore other features and configure the board as per requirement. Example Arduino code is provided below.”

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