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Trollduino V1.0

Response to Hackaday comments section: a 555 timer in Arduino form factor “That’s stupid! Why use an Arduino when you could do the same thing with a 555?” - representitive comment on any Hackaday post that describes any Arduino project ever. Well, here you go then. Enjoy.

Ok, so now is your chance to put up or shut up. Here’s a 555 in traditional Arduino UNO form factor.

Specifically designed for old school analogue tinkerers.

No need to learn a flashy, confusing new fangled IDE. Analogue programming is simple and easy with two resistors and a capacitor using the Integrated Simple Analogue Programming Interface (ISAPI).

Pin compatible with most Arduino shields (functionality may be limited).

Trollduino adapted Blink sketch:

Install the following code:
R1 = 1k;
R2 = 68k;
C = 10uF;

This sketch uses the integral output LED. An external load can be added by selecting and connecting an output pin on the Output Connection Distributer (OCD).
Select the voltage source. You can use a 5V USB supply from your a PC or wall-wart or connect a 9 - 12V supply to the barrel connector. If you have both connected, either will do. Who cares?
Enjoy the blinking!”

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