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Constellation Map Lamp

In 2019 for the July Fourth holiday, I went on a camping-climbing trip in Bishop, CA with friends. It was my first time camping and second time climbing outdoors, so I was excited for all the new experiences and activities I got to try. There were earthquakes that weekend, one of which happened on the second pitch of our first time trying a multipitch route.
Those friends have moved away now and with COVID going on, I haven’t camped let alone climbed in a while. I was going through my picture albums to reminisce and thought about making something to represent the memories I’ve had with outdoor climbing. I ended up deciding to do a constellation based lamp. That was one of the major things that hit me when I went camping: the stars were amazingly clear when I looked up, and having always lived urban areas it was a gorgeous view that I’d rarely seen. I opted to sleep in the hammock just so I could have that whole night view in front of me as I slept. I wore my favorite glow-in-the-dark constellation hoodie and at night it would glow beautifully with the stars above.
This final lamp is the shape of a star, with each of 5 panels corresponding to 5 nights related to climbing/camping that are most memorable for me. I isolated constellations from the position of the night sky at those 5 moments and turned them into panels of the lamp, which I 3D printed (I recently purchased my own 3D printer and was itching to have a project to try it out on).
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