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You’ll need these items to build RoboScan:

A digital camera with a macro lens: must be compatible with libgphoto2 with image capture and preview support.
A Raspberry Pi: you may choose a Pi 4 if your camera supports USB 3, otherwise a Pi 2 or 3 is fine.
A 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor with Driver: easy to find and cheap (about $6)
3D-print an adapter to integrate the stepper motor in the legos: use the stepper mount and axis adapter provided by this project (you’ll need some bolts to attach the motor to the adapter)
Adafruit White LED Backlight Module.
A LED driver such as Recom Power RCD-24-0.70/PL/B.
A high-power LED, such as New Energy LST1-01G03-4095-01: a 4000K white LED, with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95.
Build the lego part”

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