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MIDI Adobe Lightroom controller

An upgraded version of the Mini UNTZtrument by Adafruit

Being a commercial photographer I use Lightroom almost daily.

I am always trying to save time sitting in front of the computer, especially when working on a lot of different images at the same time. Using a dedicated controller for Lightroom can be extremely time saving and I was looking for an affordobale DIY version - small enough to fit into one hand while using by other hand to control it.

Adafruit has some great and detailed projects on their website and I stumbled upon this one:

This looked very promising and I just needed to change a few details to make it more suitable as a Lightroom MIDI controller.

Replace the 4 analogue potentiometers with digital Encoders to avoid start and end points
Add pushbuttons to add more functionality
Make the main body slimmer
Reinforce the USB connector
So, I slightly revised the main body but mainly followed their detailed instructions to put it all together. I additionally drilled 4 holes (2 on each side) for the 4 pushbuttons. The pushbuttons I used are IP67 rated - not that I want them to use in the rain - but I choose them for their size (especially the connectors end), comfort and how nicel they click.”

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