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I saw a lot of videos of embarrassed people when they didn’t noticed that their microphone or camera were on, and it gave me the idea to this project.
I’ve wrote a simple application in C# that detects when the camera or microphone are being used and pop a notification with the program name. In addition, I have a simple board with 2 WS2812B LEDs and buzzer that beeps and light up when it receives notification from the software.
The hardware is Arduino based and the communication is done via serial to keep it simple and let beginners an easy start program to play with.

Please checkout the project GitHub repository for complete source code:

2 x WS2812B
1 x 5v Buzzer
1 x Micro USB breakout board
1 x Female USB type A breakout board
8 x 3mm x 1.8mm circle neodymium magnet”

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