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Hardware Requirements:
This project makes use of the following:
Pumpkin - Carve a real one or you can always 3D print one
Raspberry Pi Zero WH (UK, US)
Pimoroni Unicorn pHat (UK, US)
Micro SD Card (UK, US)
USB power - I used the official Raspberry Pi Charger (UK, US) but you can also power with a USB battery pack.
3d Printed Pumpkin

For the 3d printed pumpkin case, you will need:
Glow in the Dark PLA Filament for body (UK, US)
Green PLA Filament for top (UK, US)
Adafruit Panel Mount Extension USB Cable - Micro B Male to Micro B Female [ADA3258] (UK, US)
4 x M2.5 threaded brass inserts (UK, US)
4 x M2.5 male PCB standoffs & screws - keep a kit of these handy if you don’t have some. (UK, US)”

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