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Hii Tech Lovers in this Instructable I’m going to show you how to make Arora Nanoleaf No power tools use & you can customize those panels. I have made 9 Panels, total 54 Neo pixel LEDs. Total cost under $20 (Indian 1500)
Nanoleaf light panels, formerly known as Nanoleaf Aurora light panels, have been around for a while now. These are triangular lighting panels which connect together in a variety of customization ways. The result of which is a personal lighting experience which fits neatly into your home and own personal style.
1. Acrylic Sheet ( I have used 4mm acrylic)
2. Vinyl Wrap ( Matt Black & White )
3. A4 Photo paper for Backing (I have used White Vinyl)
4. 2mm thick Sunboard (foam board)
5. ARGB WS2812b LED Strip & Controller
6. Male & Female Header strip
7. 3 core wire
8. 3mm thick Light Defuser Sheet
1. Acrylic Scoring knife (or Hacksaw)
2. Cutting knife
3. Strong Glue
4. Soldering Iron & Wire
5. Double Sided Tape (Foam & Commercial Purpose )
6. Ruler and Marker
Buying Links -
LED Controller - (INDIA)
Other Items you can get from Hardware Market & Stationery Stores.
Lets Build……”

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