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This project helps make your day a little easier if youre a remote worker using Slack. Ill show you how to build it using an ESP8266 wifi board. Don’t miss the video above for the overview.
Whether youre new to using Slack or youve just been using it a lot more lately, youll understand the importance of setting your Slack status. It lets your colleagues know if youre available to chat, in a meeting, out sick, etc.
Forget to set it when you leave your desk, and you may get interrupted by somebody who thinks youre available.I thought it would help me remember to have a physical device on my desk that can set my Slack status for me. This project is a collaboration with Brian Lough, whos an ESP whiz and author of many Arduino API libraries including this new one for Slack.You might remember my YouTube subscriber counter, which was also written using one of Brians API libraries.
For this project, you will need:

ESP8266 wifi board such as NodeMCU or D1 mini
Rotary switch
Stranded wire
Soldering iron
Wire strippers
Flush cutters
Helping third hand tool
USB cable
Computer running Arduino software
Wifi network name and password
Slack access token (learn how to get this in the next step)
3D printer (I used a Creality CR-10s Pro)

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