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USB was supposed to be universal, and the main goal was to make a hot-swappable, super easy to interface with other devices but over the years the idea went haywire. There are so many different variants of these USB ports which is so frustrating at times and the way these works totally contradict their name [USB - Universal Serial Bus] because Every USB receiver should be compatible with any USB device! You can’t plug in your USB stick or a keyboard inside a charger and expect it to work.
But the concept sounds too good! That’s why to initiate this “Universal-Port” concept I started with a simple project “Wireless Card reader”
This fulfilled all my wishes, all I have to do is to just plug it inside any USB receiver, it doesn’t matter which one!
As soon as you plug it in, it creates an access point where we can connect and then connect to the access point and just open up any FTP client application in any compatible device. With this setup, we can copy as well as save files to the SD card wirelessly!
Supplies:These are the list of products which can help you do this project with ease
SD card
Micro SD Adapter
Angled Header Pins
Arduino nano + programmer wire
Male USB
Soldering Gun
Soldering Lead”

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